2014 — Year in Review

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It has been a tremendous year.  As an organization, we have made pivotal change and had immense growth. So, we’d like to take a moment and give our members this “year in review,”  not only because we want to toot our own horns (toot toot, yall), but because there is a tremendous amount of work that goes on behind the scenes, and we want you to see what we’ve done this year!

Membership and Meetings:

We had 227 people renew or add a membership with BWI Austin.  53 of those were added during our month long membership drive!  Why be a member?  Check out the answer here.

1,740 people signed into our meetings.  That is a WHOLE LOT of free babywearing help for the babywearers of Central Texas!

We added TWO new meetings in 2014, one in New Braunfels and one in Cedar Park.  That brings our total to four meetings a month!

Social Media and Outreach:

Did you know that you are currently reading BWI’s 2014 Website and Blog of the Year?


Well, you are.  Our social media and outreach team did a tremendous job of upkeeping this website!

We added Instagram this year and that is reeeeeally taking off! You should follow us!


Incase you didn’t know, our most popular search term was “bad selfie” and other blog posts on breastfeeding and wearing in open court were very popular, increasing our traffic to this website by two then three fold!

But… we aren’t just digital!  We are babywearing boots on the ground, yo!

Besides our meetings, we dominated outreach by working the babywearing lounge at MommyCon, Birth Without Fear and The Great Diaper Exchange.  We also reached out to teach babywearing to doulas and birthing centers!

Administration and Accreditations:

This year our President, Heather, went on to become the president of the National Organization and current President, Autumn, is now taking the lead!  I think it’s a testament to our group’s strength that didn’t miss a beat with that transition!

We doubled our volunteer pool, adding 26 new volunteers in 2014.

We certified FOURTEEN Volunteer Babywearing Educators (VBEs)!  You may not know, but Lori, our VP of Education, runs an incredible VBE training and accreditation process.  Congrats to all the new babywearing educators!

A few of our educators advanced their accreditations and I think that it is such a big deal, that I would like to congratulate them individually, here:

Heather became a Master Babywearing Educator.


Lori became an Advanced Babywearing Educator THEN a Master Babywearing Educator.


Pencil also became an Advanced Babywearing Educator THEN a Master Babywearing Educator.

Leigh became an Advanced Babywearing Educator.
Katie became an Advanced Babywearing Educator.

But by far my favorite administrative milestone is that we are now incorporated in the state of Texas!  We should have an incorporation party!!!  What?  That’s not a thing? #lawnerdproblems.


We put the FUN in FUNdraising this year!

Our GIANT International Babywearing Week efforts were incredible from a participation perspective, but also from a FUNdraising perspective.  We raised $2800, which is almost SIX TIMES as much as last year, thanks mostly to the efforts of Shelby, our IBW taskforce leader… and YOU (our members)!

We also raised over $1100 for carriers for tiny NICU babies through our Healing Hugs program! Awwwww.


We took on a re-inventory project of our entire library. We washed, measured, and catalogued ALL the carriers, then put them all online.  We added… drum roll, please…  148 NEW carriers in 2014.

In 2014, we grew our library to over 300 carriers.

There were  1,025 carrier rentals in 2014!  Yep, we wore #allthebabies, all of them… in rented carriers!


A heart-felt and sincere THANK YOU to you, the babywearers of Central Texas, for allowing us to be part of your parenting journey, for volunteering your time, and for trusting us with your babies.  We can’t wait to see what 2015 will bring!


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