A True Texas Toddler Trial

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We do occasionally write carrier reviews here, but we have rules, people!  The way it works is that you send us a carrier you want reviewed, we get to keep it for our library, and it lives a happy life snuggling the babies of Central Texas. I write the review, the manufacturer gets zero input on the review, and if the manufacturer hates the review… we still keep the carrier. [Full Disclosure]  Now, there is the option to buy “kinder phrasing” for your review with a dozen gluten free treats.  Neither gluten free treats, nor free carriers guarantee the manufacturer a good review, but gluten free treats do guarantee that I will be in a great mood when I write about your product and will have me using my most polite phrasing — even if it’s to say that it’s not a great carrier, politely.

That said, Beco has sent us neither a free carrier nor gluten free treats for this review. I originally got the idea that a day of SEC College Football would be the ultimate carrier test when I did another review last year.  This year, I’m wearing a very different baby.  My daughter is a GIANT two and a half year old in the 97th percentile for height and we wear a, “big girl backpack.”


Let me say, that in my heart of hearts, I am a wrapper.  But… let me explain some logistics of a Fighting Texas Aggie Football Game.  We park a 1.4 miles away, walk to the stadium or to a tailgate, then hike up one million miles of ramps* to our seats on the third deck.  Now, traditionally, the students and alumni that sit in certain sections stand the entire game to symbolize the support of their team, their willingness to be The Twelfth Man.

We… bought tickets in the sitting section.

Specifically, the sitting section in the shade of the jumbotron; we do stand quite a bit to cheer and yell as is our custom.  But, imagine that we stood the whole game in the almost 100 degree heat because it makes a better story.


We DO have to keep two small children entertained for four hours when we go to the game as a family and that means LOTS of trips to the concession stand and the potty.  Lots.  All that to say, that even a devout wrapper, like me, welcomes the ease of a soft structured carrier in these situations. (Please don’t kick me out of The Hole.)

I currently own one toddler carrier, the Beco Toddler, so off it went to the Fighting Texas Aggie Football Game (Whoop!). First, let me say that it is the WRONG color.  A little more football/ Texas culture for yall… I am a Texas Aggie, alumni of Texas A&M University, lovingly clad in Maroon.

Our arch nemesis are the Texas Longhorns. Their color is a hideous shade of orange.  They call it “burnt orange,” and it looks a lot like… THE STRIPES ON MY BECO TODDLER!
That’s right, I am wearing the nemesis color to the game in the name of babywearing.  If you must do this, wear the hood down the whole time as to cover as much of the print as possible. #protip

All that to say… we did a lot of walking.

Then a lot of standing.

Then lots more walking to our “seats,” where we stood a lot of the time.

Then begrudgingly walked some more.

Then walked holding Daddy’s hand.

Then had some “booboo”… and (you guessed it) walked some more.

My pedometer said I took almost 16,000 steps at that game.  How many do you think that the Little Bit took?  My guess is 9.

My husband and I both carried “babies” that day and guess who’s baby ended up walking?  Not mine.

That’s right, round after round, the Beco Toddler saw us through. It was comfortable and moved well with us.  It allowed my Little Bit to move her arms in or out, required minimal adjustments, and was overall, a lifesaver.  I thought for sure my shoulders or back would be bothering me the next day, but I was surprisingly fine.

Please note, that it was HOT at the football game.  We had shade for about an hour, but being out in the almost 100 degree heat with 102,000 of your closest friends gets warm.  I was worried about the Little Bit overheating, but our Toddler was cool and comfortable especially when we took a break to do some nursing in the shade and she took a quick nap.



It also laundered easily after it’s adventures at the football game (think popcorn, sunblock, and sweat)

I will say that I had some trouble putting the hood up.  I felt like maybe it was too short and squishing my sleeping big girl.  Also, it’s a big carrier. When you are going to carry around a kid this big, the carrier isn’t going to fold neatly into your purse.  That was ok with me, though, because someone was wearing the carrier almost the whole time.  There was really no need to carry it, but just letting yall know.

Overall, the Beco Toddler did so well on this adventure that I felt compelled to write up a review.  This is my personal carrier and I paid for it. I was just surprised by how well it worked out and thought you all should know, too.  Now… how about a nice maroon print, Beco?

*really, it’s only a mile, but it’s all uphill and feels like it takes FOREVER, longer even… five-ever.

UPDATE: I’ve been told by people who know more than I do (ok, it was Pencil) that Beco has now changed the hood and now they are bigger and fit better. Good to know.

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    • Amy
    • September 23, 2015

    Love this. I too live in Aggie land but have never been to a game. 🙁 next time you could slip an Aggie shirt over the carrier to make it fit in! Have you seen that trick on the DIY sites? Super cute and easy!

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