Beyond Wearing Babies

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What am I going to take away from this time? What will I have after I’ve “aged out” of babywearing? For most, you will have great memories, a strong bond with your babies, and maybe a legacy carrier that you want to keep in some way or another. But what I hope to leave this time with is intangible, the most valuable thing babywearing has brought me, is friendships with other moms and even moms I haven’t met in real life. These are the relationships that are in the trenches with me…
Remember the time I learned breastmilk will cure pink eye/ how to perfect a wiggle proof pass/ how to get lanolin out of cloth diapers?
babywearing friends 1babywearing friends 2
You are not alone when you don’t sleep at night/ haven’t showered in three days/ are covered in baby vomit/ have more dirty laundry than fits in your closet. These other babywearers, mothers and fathers who are in your same position understand you and, better yet, accept you.
They cry with you when you suggest they read “Song For a Fifth Child.” Go ahead, I dare you not to cry.

They are there to laugh with you when your baby poops on your white couch / colors her face in red permanent marker because she’s Rudolf/ refuses to wear pants in public.

poop on couch

WHY do you have a white couch, they may ask?

We celebrate when you kiddo sleeps through the night (!)
sleeping 3

sleep4sleep 6

… yeah that’s a big one.
Sleeping 5sleep9
Just sit with it.
winning baby

sleep 10sleeping 2

Still Celebrating!
sleep 3
Ok, also, gets her first tooth/ potty-learns/ and says his first word (“Dadda,” REALLY??)

They also celebrate things that perhaps non-babywearers don’t understand. You stalked a Tula/ won a dip/ tasted a Sparkleberry/ found a unicorn.
They sympathize when your in-laws are pushy or when you have to put your beloved dog down because he bit your son. They’ll stand by you through that.

They’ll defend you to the death from an off-the-cuff internet remark, because they want to protect you.

They pull together and support you though your Hyperemesis Gravidarum/ baby’s NICU stay/ miscarriage/ toddler’s special needs assessment.

They celebrate your new carry/ stash shot/ SSC nursing milestones/ defeat of the Corn Ninjas/ awesome trade that got you your DISO… the way that no one else can.
Sabrina - Mei Tai
Your children will love each other, play, and grow together.
One day I hope to celebrate my last carry and the selling off of my stash with them because that time will also come and these friendships will be forged by fire.

My only hope is that I can take these friendships with me through this and beyond, a priceless gift bestowed upon me through this community. Thank you.


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