Woven Wraps


A woven wrap is a long piece of woven fabric used to carry an infant or small child.
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Definitive Guide to Wrapping

See our blog post on all things wrapping!

Caring for your Wrap

Our librarians are always a great source of information on caring for carriers! See our blog post on carrier care. As a reminder, always follow manufacturer washing instructions.

Parts of a Wrap

When we are talking about wraps there are some parts that are important to identify.


Top edge, known as the top rail, is the part that starts nearest the infant’s neck/upper back.
Bottom edge, known as the bottom rail, is the edge that starts under baby’s bottom and is goes from knee to knee to help form the seat.
The middle of the wrap length-wise is usually indicated by a tag or middle marker.
The outer edges, known as the tails, of the wrap are what are used to tie the wrap into place with a square, double, flat or slip knot.

Wrap Passes

All wrap carries start with a basic pass, which describes the way the wrap goes across the body. Carries usually begin with one of these three:


These three passes can be used as carries in and of themselves or can start a carry.

Torso/ Horizontal Pass

This pass goes across the infant and under both of the wearer’s arms.

Torso can be a carry OR starts several carries, including the great starter carry, Front Wrap Cross Carry.
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Ruck/ Kangaroo Pass
This pass goes across the infant and over both of the wearer’s shoulders.


Ruck (when done on the back) or Kangaroo (when done on the front) can be used as a carry themselves or as other carries like Reinforced ruck and Pirate Carry.
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Sling Pass
This pass goes across the infant’s back and one tail goes over the wearer’s shoulder and the other under the opposite arm.


Sling Pass can be used as a carry by itself or starts several carries such as Double Hammock and Secure High Back Carry.
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Additional Passes

Cross/ Wiggleproof Pass 

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Bunched Pass
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Reinforced Pass
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To sum it up…





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