Happy 2 Year Blogiversary!!

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It was this week two years ago that I thought (after our epic battle with the Corn Ninjas) that somewhere, we should preserve this level of cockamamie to be re-lived by the internets forever.  To be honest when the then President of BWI Austin (Heather) gave me a log-in for the website, I’m not sure either of us imagined that we would be here two years later. I just wanted to tell the story of the Corn Ninjas…


THE wrap that started it all.


Now, here were are TWO YEARS LATER!! Two years is kind of a long time in the world of babywearing…


The difference two years makes.

In two years, we have built one of the funnest (that’s a word) blogs in babywearing! Here in Central Texas, it offers advice, the low down on local activities, a glimpse into the life of a babywearer, and the outreach into our community! But, to say that I have done it alone would be utter nonsensical hubris!

Obvi, Ryan had a big part in it.

But seriously I’m eternally grateful that past and current Presidents and VPs of BWI Austin have had enough trust in me to never censor or edit my work (except for cuss words, that apparently does not fly.) I’ve been given this incredible outlet for my non-legal writing and it has been both a labor of love and my saving grace.  Parenting is not easy and finding time for self-care or creativity is even harder; but, this blog has been my home for that. Thank you for simultaneously offering the space needed for this creative outlet of mine and the support needed to make it a reality (because I knew NOTHING about websites two years ago).

I also have had SO MANY people who are smarter than I contribute and write really great blog pieces.  First and foremost is my better blogging half, edu-blogger extraordinaire, Katie.  She has written super popular posts on male-specific  babywearing, and Waterwearing, but she’s also written one of our most popular posts to date on the power of Kangaroo Care. Before her was Lori, our VP of Education, who would write some tremendous educational blog posts (more on that later)!

So to celebrate our 2 year Blogaversary, I’ve created a little trivia!

1. When Cynthia took over this blog, the first thing she wrote was:

a. The Safety Post
b. An introduction post (because that would make sense)
c. A post outlining a historic internet battle over a wrap
d. How to Take a Babywearing Selfie

The FIRST thing I wrote was about the battle against the Corn Ninjas. It’s really how this blog was born.  If you haven’t already, check it out then read the follow up post on how the Corn Ninjas won.  It’s a great story. We DO  have a great Safety Post, but I did not write it!

2.  Our Most Popular Blogpost is:

a. Breastfeeding in a Carrier
b. The One With A Parent’s Worst Nightmare
c. How to Take A Babywearing Selfie
d. 11 Dos and Don’ts of Sick-baby Wearing


Hands down, our most popular blog post is How to Take A Babywearing Selfie. I (personally) think that babywearing selfies are just as important as some of our edu-blogs because it’s the virtual sharing that helps create a community and accessibility.  Can’t get to a meeting? We have a huge discussion group where you can ask questions anytime… just take a selfie!

What is Cynthia’s Favorite Blog Post? (I sound like Ross Perot!)

a. The Hole
b. The One With A Parent’s Worse Nightmare
c. Take My Babywearing Selfie
d. When It’s Over

Darn it!  The quiz may have stumped the quiz-maker here.  I think it’s probably The One With A Parent’s Worse Nightmare, the story of my climber son, his brush with brain-injury, and how babywearing helped save the day. It really put into perspective what babywearing has meant to my family and I am eternally grateful. Although When It’s Over is a super close second.

Which is our Most Popular Edu-blog?

a. Breastfeeding While Babywearing
b. Bumping and Babywearing (Babywearing While Pregnant)
c. Toddlerwearing
d. Be a Kangaroo, Yo! (our post on the benefits of Kangaroo Care)

Our most popular edu-blog remains one we wrote early on, where we talk about breastfeeding in a carrier.  Although breastfeeding in a carrier is completely natural, that ish is not always easy.  This post, written by our VP of Education Lori, remains an invaluable resource to our babywearing community and it’s popularity reflects that!  Thank you to Lori for this and ALL her contributions over the last two years, including that incredible Toddlerwearing post that is also VERY  popular.

What is the blog posting schedule?

a. Always on Wednesdays when Katie is writing it that week.
b. Mostly on Wednesdays when Cynthia is writing it that week.
c. Sometimes on Monday and Wednesdays if Cynthia is REALLY on top of it (like three times a year).
d. All of the above.

The answer is D.  We mostly post on Wednesdays and Katie is by far the more punctual of us two. If I’m really on top of it, I try to also post a MMM (Meet a Member Monday) post on Mondays so that we can get to know some of our leaders and local babywearers. We are all volunteers and sometimes life happens.  I’m grateful that people recognize that!

What is Ross Perot Most Proud of… errr, I mean Cynthia.


Of What is Cynthia Most Proud?

a. That this blog received BWI’s 2014 Blog of the Year award (it did).
b. That over 100,000 people (and climbing everyday) have read this blog.
c. That she hasn’t been fired from this gig (yet).
d. That this blog helps disseminate helpful babywearing information.

It’s D, obvi. I purposely write like I talk, yo. I feel that it makes this blog, myself, even BWI Austin more approachable. 


That’s sweet, Hon. Thanks!

Yes, I love ridiculous memes, part of my advice for sick-baby wearing is to enjoy silly hats, and I have posted a picture of myself in my underwear; but, tucked away in this blog is really important information.  Our edu-blog posts are a tremendous resource and our fun posts help normalize babywearing (and babywearing selfies) in our area.  The ultimate goal is outreach (!) and I am thrilled that this blog has brought people to BWI Greater Austin and done it’s part.

Happy Birthday, Blog!  You are now in your terrible twos… as any parent of a toddler knows, now the FUN really starts!


Did your favorite post not make it to this review?  Did you get a perfect grade on this quiz?  We’d love to hear about it in the comments!

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