Happy [Babywearing] Father’s Day!

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Fathers come in all shapes: stepdads and adoptive dads, dual-dad families and single-parenting dads, old dads and teen dads, Granddads and ‘like a father to me’ dads who aren’t technically family at all. Regardless of the type of “dad,” they love their children fiercely and completely just the same.  Today we hear from our favorite kind of “dad,” the babywearing ones!  In anticipation of Father’s Day, we’re highlighting our male caregiver babywearers and hearing from them:


“I love how Babywearing gives me an opportunity to do activities with my kids. I can do things I normally do like hiking, but with them from an early age and it lets us bond.”



“I love to babywear because it makes me feel like I have a closer bond to my daughter and it puts her to sleep and she’s a much happier baby.”


“I get to strap a tiny human to me and be that much more awesome. For a short time I have four arms, four legs, and two heads. I get to be a mutant. What about that isn’t cool?”



“With babywearing, I get to have the closeness as I would when holding her and have two fully functioning arms. I can share the parenting duties and still get things done.”


Leigh says, “I could never get him to wear our first because front and back carries were uncomfortable for him. We finally figured out that he rocks the hip carry! I almost never use a true hip carry, so I kind of forgot they were an option for him.”


“Babywearing meant being able to take my 6 month old out on hikes.”


“Babywearing makes it easier to get around and I like that he can see more at my level.”



“I’m able to get the baby to sleep!”


“Babywearing allows me to bond with my son, and gives my wife a break from holding and wearing him all the time. It allowed me to give her the gift of “personal space” on Mother’s Day.”

Babywearing is all about allowing the whole family to enjoy its many benefits and explore the world while keeping baby close! We at Babywearing International of Greater Austin enjoyed featuring some of our babywearing dads in action and truly appreciate the opportunity to share their insight along with the practical, sometimes silly, and always sweet reasons they love to babywear!

Happy Father’s Day, Thank you, and Happy Wearing!

Do you or your favorite babywearing dad have a quote for us?  We’d love to see it in the comments!

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