Hey Baby(wearer), you can drive my… membership!!! (what does that even mean??) aka A VERY important announcement.

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Hello, Babywearers!!  It is once again time for the most spirited FUNdraiser of the year, our BWI Membership Drive!  And although traditionally March is the month of “madness,” we here at BWI Austin are going to level up by bringing the INSANITAAAAY…to May!  Get ready!

Starting May 1st, we are beginning our Membership Drive.


A drive WHAT?

Technically, we DO memberships year-round, but during the membership drive we try to encourage people to either renew or begin their membership by offering incentives and giveaways. It is typically the FUNdraising push that we need to get into the fall and all the action of International Babywearing Week (our huge week-long babywearing extravaganza in October).  Last year, I talked about, “Why Become A Member” on this blog and spoke at length about the individual and societal advantages of being a BWI Austin member.  We worked hard to meet and exceed our goal of 50 new or renewed memberships, we added awesome carriers, and accomplished all this as a team.  We added money to the local and national bank accounts that helped worn babies in Central Texas and throughout this country! We made magic happen for $30 a year, y’all.  Legit MAGIC.

And all of that still holds true.

But here at BWI Austin, we are pushing the boundaries of a babywearing non-profit.  We are quickly approaching several hundred carriers in our library and we have been successful in getting those carriers through defeating corn ninjas, renting out this blog, winning online contests, and shamelessly begging for donations (truth).  It is a labor of love and it is serving our community well.


One library’s buckle carrier collection. A thing of beauty!

This year, we’re dedicating our focus to community building and access for all.  Although a STEAL of a deal at $30 a year, some families cannot afford a BWI membership, much less a carrier.  We here at BWI Austin feel that financial limitations should NEVER prevent you from wearing your baby. Never.  So, after much thought, we are introducing a sponsorship program.  What is a sponsorship, you ask? It’s a BWI Austin membership donated to a community member in need. Details about applying will be forthcoming.  Right now, we’re at the stage of trying to raise the funds to be able to offer a sponsored membership.  That’s where you come in…


1. During our membership drive, YOU will have the opportunity to buy a sponsorship.  I can think of very few ways that $30 a year could be better spent.  I mean, you could offer the gift of babywearing to a caregiver in need or you could buy:

Olaf Mug
ONE Olaf mug.

Lighted Willow Branch
A single lighted willow branch (only the small 20 inch one)



HALF of this potty seat.  Yep, half.

2. You can renew or begin your membership in May, during our drive, and help us raise the funds to be able to pay for those sponsorships as an organization. Our goal this year is 75 memberships.  When we reach 25 renewals or new memberships, we will add two full sponsorships.  When we reach 50, we will be able to add FOUR MORE.  When we reach 75, we are making the commitment to offer a sponsorship for every 10 new memberships or renewals.  That’s right, for every ten that are purchased, we will sponsor an additional one! This is a LOT of people who could potentially be helped by YOUR generosity.

Not to mention that you are STILL getting all the benefits of your BWI Austin membership, yo!

But WAIT… there’s more…

We also want to THANK all the people that will undoubtedly help us reach our goal of 75 new memberships or renewals.  We just KNOW it is going to happen (hint, hint).

So, we are going to be sprinkling additional surprise incentives in as we go along, but we want to get this party STARTED with a BANG!!

The first 25 people who renew or purchase new memberships in May will receive a babywearing swag bag! It will include:

an official #legit BWI Austin Sticker.


Oooo… perfect for my wrap bag!

A Car Decal!! So that everyone will know that your other ride is a baby carrier.

All wrapped up in this impressive tote bag!

Please note that ONLY the first 25 people will be receiving this swag package. All new and renewing members will receive an official #legit BWI Austin sticker as a thank-you gift.


Join our membership drive… HERE.

To say that we are excited about this is an understatement of gargantuan proportions.

Are you excited about our sponsorship program?  We are.  We’d love to hear what you think in the comments!

2 Comments for : Hey Baby(wearer), you can drive my… membership!!! (what does that even mean??) aka A VERY important announcement.
    • Jessica Lachman
    • May 22, 2015

    BWI Austin saved my life! I got nothing done until they taught me how to properly use my first carrier. And for that I’m forever grateful.

    • Jes
    • April 3, 2017


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