Hiking and Babywearing in Austin – A Journey in Parenting

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by VBEiT (Volunteer Babywearing Educator in Training) Kristen Griggs

Babywearing HikerA couple years ago I started hiking with Hike it Baby and I couldn’t have done it without babywearing.

I want to share a few ways hiking with my baby benefited us.

Carrier Naps
My daughter was happy and often slept in a carrier, but only if I was moving around. Hiking was perfect! My daughter would nap and I got to leave the house and socialize.

I’m not awesome at small talk and I had a hard time turning parent acquaintances into friends. While hiking it’s perfectly acceptable to hike in silence, making lulls in conversation a lot less awkward. Before I knew it though, my fellow hikers became my friends, and now our kids are friends too.

Chest/Breastfeeding in Public
I felt uncomfortable chest/breastfeeding in public, and I felt trapped in my home because of it. Chest/Breastfeeding in the woods is the perfect place to practice chest/breastfeeding in public in a carrier. Many of the Hike it Baby parents have tips and tricks they shared with me. I soon felt confident in more public spaces, like the playground or parking lot, and before I knew it, I was breastfeeding while grocery shopping and in the airport.

Something about the fresh air, shining sun, moderate exercise, and good company combine to make me a happy person and my baby a happy baby.

BWI with Hike it Baby at Walnut Creek

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