International Babywearing Week 2015

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The week that we celebrate… YOU!! And your worn baby… and the awesomeness that is worn babies in general. A wear-stavaganza!!

In general, International Babywearing Week is characterized by a week-long celebration of events topped off by our HUGE GIGANTIC Babywearing Party!! So this week, we are devoting our post to previewing our IBW (International Babywearing Week) events!

BUT FIRST, let me say that this is my third IBW with BWI of Greater Austin and I have never been as excited about the theme. This year the theme is #Embraceyourworld

Genius. SO MUCH that can be done with that theme… and we did it!

You: Cynthia, what does the schedule look like and would you be willing to give us your unofficial commentary?

I’m glad you asked and absolutely. IBW is October 4th through 10th and each day we have a different Embrace (all the things) theme going.

Sunday Oct. 4th – Embrace your style (‪#‎EmbraceYourStyle)
Unofficial Commentary: Do you, babywearer!  Strut that pouch or be the superman of supermans, yo! Put a ring on it, if that’s more your thing, but DO join us (in visible and kissable fashion) at San Marcos Outlets Kick-off Party! We’ll play, chat, and fight to the death to complete our scavenger hunt (who said that?). Pro tip: do NOT show up fashionably late! The first peeps to strut their style at the kick off event get an AWESOME BWI bag!
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Monday Oct. 5th – Embrace your day (#‎EmbraceYourDay)
Unofficial Commentary: Ok, so not every day is picture perfect. Some days look like this.

Sometimes it’s just about surviving, yo. And yet, that is beautiful too. We want to see how babywearing gets you through your day-to-day. Share your real life stories with us and find solidarity.

Tuesday Oct. 6th – Embrace your family (#‎EmbraceYourFamily)
Unofficial Commentary: Babywearing is for everyone. Everyone. We’d love to see your other caregivers take a babywearing whirl (not literally, you’ll get dizzy). Safety first.

Wednesday Oct 7th – Embrace your wild (#‎EmbraceYourWild‬ )
Unofficial Commentary: This is actually not about animal print carriers. I know, I was surprised, too. This is apparently about getting outside, fresh air, and all that. I recently blogged about my NEW appreciation for hiking (I’m a noob), BUT I definitely don’t want to miss the event today: Hike with HIB at Walnut Creek. Why not bring your animal print carrier! Twice the wild, twice the fun!

Thursday Oct 8th – Embrace your voice (‪#‎EmbraceYourVoice)
Unofficial Commentary: Stand upon the digital mountain and be heard, “I love shorties!” Or, whatever YOUR inner babywearer is saying. Wish you had known something long ago? Have a serious question? Lets all fulfill our inner Oprah… we encourage you to share your voice!

Friday Oct 9th – Embrace your Self (#‎EmbraceYourSelf‬ )
Unofficial Commentary: Selfcare is the struggle, yo. Intellectually, I know that when I’m happy everyone around me is happier, but it’s just hard to find that time. Less time-consuming than self care, I have found is chocolate and selfies. It’ll have to do for now.  Share your selfies with us, win prizes!  Need to step up your game?  We have a blog post for that.

Saturday Oct. 10th – Embrace Your Community (#‎EmbraceYourCommunity)
HOOOOOOOORAY!!! This is the day we wait for ALL YEAR!! Last year they gave away thousands of dollars in prizes, had babywearing games, AND brought in tremendous resources from the community. Did I mention the raffle prizes? You don’t want to miss the BWI of Greater Austin Birthday party & Expo 
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If YOU are a community organization or local business and want to be embraced with us (group hug), contact Katie at to sign up for a table at our event! All the cool kids will be there.*

If instead, you want to donate something to our AWESOME raffle and have us SPAM your business and thank you profusely, that’s HP’s department. Please contact her at to become a sponsor or donor!

If perhaps you want to official schedule without all my commentary (I can see that), you can get it here.

*False, but I will think you are cool for being there.

Get Ready To…


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