Lillebaby Complete, The Total Package on a Texas Trial Run.

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Let me start by saying that I do occasionally write reviews in exchange for free carriers for our library.  That said, you don’t get any input over what I write. None.  If I think your carrier stinks, I’m going to write that, but if you send a dozen gluten free treats, I will say your carrier stinks very politely.  In the interest of full disclosure, those are the rules.  So knowing that, the Lillebaby Complete already had a few strikes against it when I tried it for a few weeks: 1. It’s a buckle carrier and with this baby I am almost exclusively a wrapper and 2. It came without gluten free treats.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I do have experience with buckle carriers because I carried my first child in one for almost four years (and then some).  So, I had my fair share of buckle hours logged, but this baby just fit better in wraps from the beginning.  In the 98th percentile for weight and the 90th for height, the Little Bit is anything but little.  Buckle carriers fit her awkwardly in the legs (spreading them farther than knee to knee) but wouldn’t go up high enough on her back.  It was easier to stick to wrapping.

Well, I got to try the Lillebaby Complete.  You (like I did) can read about it on their website.  When I got to the part that says,

“It’s called complete for a reason. The award-winning lillebaby® COMPLETE™ baby carrier offers more carrying positions, lasts longer, and includes more features than any other baby carrier.”

Skeptical me was naturally, skeptical.

LLB Cyn and P 2


But this Soft Structured Carrier (SSC) really won me over.  My favorite part has to be the adjustments that allow it to become either a narrow-based or wide-based carrier.


These button adjustments allow it to be a forward-facing carrier or allow it to become a more narrow base for smaller babies.  See, my tall baby with chubby legs would have fit in this as a little thing.  Too bad I didn’t try it when she was smaller.  I tried it while she was approaching thirty pounds instead…30lbs

In the heat of Summer in TEXAS!  I don’t know if you are aware of the heat of the day in the great state of Texas, but it’s hot.  So hot that I actually did fry an egg on the sidewalk as a child.  My mother was thrilled.  So hot that the year I was pregnant with my July baby there were over 45 days of temperatures over 100 degrees… before I delivered. So hot that over 150 people died in 2011 from the heat.  So hot that The New York Times argues that it is cruel and unusual punishment.  So, I’m gonna have to say that my next favorite feature was the completely breathable”3D mesh” panel.


How do you spell relief in the Texas heat? M – E – S – H!

But there is really only one test for a carrier that purports to be it all and do it all… an ALL DAY event in late summer.  And in Texas, that usually means FOOTBALL.  So, off I went with my Lillebaby…

As a wrapper, I was initially surprised at how little space the carrier took up in my bag.   It fit much easier than my woven wraps and was significantly lighter, which was good, because we went EVERYWHERE with that carrier…


Shopping for gear with The Fuss.


Walking on Campus

kyle field

Kyle Field

sleeping P

Sleeping through the game


Yes, even at the bar. “You have a baby… at a bar.” Actually, we have lots of them.

So, as you can see, the Lillebaby passed the ultimate Texas tester test.  When people ask what soft structured carrier they should get, I always give the answer that you should choose which fits you best, but I am also quick to sing the praises of the SSC that I personally put through the ringer and came out a winner.  Want to try out this carrier?  We have it in our lending library!  You won’t regret it.


As significant time has passed since I first wrote this review, I’ve really only become more impressed with this carrier.  While preparing to post this review, I was really impressed with how little it accentuated my muffin top, which to me is one of the true indicators of a great carrier.  LLB Cyn and P 1
The picture above is the one where my muffin top looks “the worst.”  Yall, I have wraps that don’t hide a muffin top this well. Carry on.


3 Comments for : Lillebaby Complete, The Total Package on a Texas Trial Run.
    • Jennifer PM
    • February 10, 2015

    you are hysterical and I love you! and while I love my Ergo and my babywearing days are mostly over, this sounds like something I would have loved to have.

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    • Samantha
    • September 8, 2015

    Excellent review. I also love you so much for quoting Sweet Home Alabama!

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