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So, I’m Cynthia and I write most of this blog with the exception of some great posts we’ll be getting from our VBEs regarding Babywearing 102 classes.  This format may change and I’m open to hearing some feedback for Meet-a-Member Monday.  Here goes:

Meet-a-Member Monday, Cynthia Soliz:

JME Portraits-44


Cynthia Soliz and I have two kids currently, a four year-old who we call, “The Fuss,” and my 5 month-old, “Little Bit.”  [My kids’ names are not secret.  Lots of people know them, but since I’ll likely be talking about them a lot, and can’t control who sees this blog post (unlike Facebook), I think I’ll stick with their nicknames.  Please note, I did not name my children, “Fuss and Little Bit.”  My mother would have had me killed.]  Here they are:

JME Portraits-16

Babywearing Origins:

I started babywearing over 4 years ago with my Fuss.  I wore him in a moby for almost 9 months since he’s a generally long and skinny baby.  It worked for us.  We moved on to Hot Slings, then my (beloved) Ergo served us well for over three years. Here I am baby wearing in 2009:


Current Babywearing:

I still wear both of my, “babies.” My Fuss will only be worn when he feels sick or there is some sibling jealousy:

tandum wear

But, NOW, I mostly wear in woven wraps:


I actually came to BWI Greater Austin because my Little Bit is not exactly “little.”  At 2 months she weighed 16lbs and had already outgrown her Moby and she didn’t seem ready for the ergo.  I will forever be thankful that there is such an amazing and FREE service available to me and my littles.  I discovered new ways to carry my Little Bit, was able to try out new carriers, AND I’ve made great Mommy friends in the process.  My only regret is that I didn’t find their services until my second child. I was just a baby wearer in the wild by myself.

Why Do You Love Babywearing:

My love for babywearing is two-fold:

1.  It is practical.  With my first child, I was able to study for the Bar Exam while still maintaining a relationship with him.



He would go to the office in his little Hot Sling.  And even though I worked 60 hours a week at a law firm, I still felt the connection with my son.  I was lucky that I could spend some time with him while at work and that my employer allowed that, but ultimately, it was too much for me.  I left my firm job when he was about 20 months-old.

With my second child, I’ve continued to do some contract legal work and I still bring my little to the office from time to time, but the magic practicality of babywearing is that I can take care of the needsof my little one while chasing my older one!


2.  I love the babywearing community.  I’ve reconnected with old old friends over babywearing, I’ve made incredible new ones and I feel a sense of kinship with people I’ve never met as we travel down this babywearing road, together.

What do you think of our Meet-a-Member Monday?  I’d love to get your input, just leave us a comment!

3 Comments for : Meet-a-Member Monday: Cynthia
    • Kim
    • November 18, 2013

    It’s fun! It’s always nice to get a little background on people you know mostly in the virtual world.

    • Vera
    • November 18, 2013

    I love it! Thanks Cynthia

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