Meet-A-Member Monday: Vera, a decade of baby wearing

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Meet one of our newest VBEs here at BWI Austin, Vera!


I chose Vera for this week because I love and respect her experience.  Vera has been wearing her babies for over 10 years!  Over Thai food, I was taken back when Vera once said, “baby wearing came so naturally to me that when I was pregnant with my first daughter, I was just like, ‘what am I going to wear her in?'”  Not even a question of if, but how.  I love that.


Hello babywearing blog readers, I’m Vera Wright and have four fabulous children with my wonderful husband CJ. We met during our undergrad at SWT when there was an SWT in San Marcos. Apparently we had many encounters all over campus and beyond (including me being a figure model in one of his art classes) but I’m pretty obtuse so I finally *got it* when letters and flowers began to appear on my doorstep in regular intervals a decade ago. Our girls are now 8 and 6 years old, our boys are 2 years and nearly 2 months old.

Babywearing origins:

We knew we wanted to wear my babies from the very beginning and we did. We purchased our first sling (a little star hemp pouch) at eco-wise before our first daughter was even born.

We were crazy and young and so took off to the Rainbow Gathering in W. Virginia when she was just five weeks old.Here I am wearing her there… this is significant because there I saw other mothers who had their babies strapped to them with lovely colored fabric. They told me it was called a wrap, that it was made for carrying babies. I fell in LOVE.


Current babywearing:

I mostly wear my newest little boy in wraps and ring slings right now, but need to make sure I have a nice ruck-worthy wrap or toddler sized SSC handy because more often than ever before our two year old wants up since he sees his baby brother getting all the snuggles lately.

Why do you love babywearing:

A big part of my love for babywearing is out of necessity, with my children spaced closely I need to have my hands free to keep up! When we’re out and about for family events my husband and I both wear the youngest two (although our 6 year old will ask for a ride occasionally) which makes family outings MUCH easier. Actually babywearing makes us look like we’re put together!
Another part of my love for babywearing is my inner geek. I adore the textures, weaves and blends of the various textiles. I feel I must always have a variety on hand and I enjoy matching and contrasting to my outfits.A pretty wrap or other carrier makes also me feel SO much less self conscious during the fourth trimester, a great mama confidence booster in my opinion.
I could go on for quite a while about my love and the physical and emotional benefits of babywearing but I’ll leave you with one last point, it that my husband looks just THAT much more handsome with a baby strapped to him 😀


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