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Always more behind-the-scenes, Emily makes things happen here at BWI Austin!  We’re excited to have her in our corner…. and see her smiling face at our check-in desk!  Our Vice President of Operations, Emily, on Meet-A-Member-Monday, today!

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My name is Emily Rodriguez and I’m the group’s Vice President of Operations and a certified VBE. I have one child, Zachary, who was born in 2011.

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Babywearing Origins:

I didn’t start babywearing until my son was a couple months old. I had a Moby but I just couldn’t figure it out. I remember being so stressed because I couldn’t even go to the grocery store! Juggling the carseat and the stroller while trying to push a cart was too much.  I went to my first babywearing meeting when my son was two months old. Heather Snaman helped me get Zac into the carrier for the first time. It just felt like the perfect hug! Even though it wasn’t perfect, he fell right to sleep and we’ve been babywearing since.

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Why I love Babywearing:

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It helps me get things done around the house, keep him close when he needs some extra snuggles (or when I need them) and get him up on my level to see things at the zoo, Sea World, or even the pet store.  It helps me to keep him contained, too.  When we are places where I don’t want him just running off, like Sea World, I can wear him so he is close and still able to look at everything.  And, of course, babywearing goes where a stroller cannot!

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