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11696843_10152882213497187_169941007_nOriginally published December 9, 2013, this is one of my favorite MMMs, but Lori, that over-achiever, has now expanded her role in the organization to include some work at the National level and organizing our Texas Babywearing Leaders Retreat.  So, I’ve asked Lori to come back and allow me to share her original MMM and an update on her big kid wearing!

I Love Lori.  Seriously.  She’s honest and straightforward, but interestingly,


the peacemaker.  As the VP of Education, Lori keeps all the VBEs up to date and helps new VBEs achieve the status.  She helps us, help you. I thought it was only fitting that she be our first featured VP on MMM.


Hi, I am lori. I have two kiddos, a two and a half year old little boy and a 7month old girl. I have been wearing my babies since they were born. I started with a maya wrap ring sling and an Ergo sport. Our little boy went everywhere in our Ergo sport, art shows, hiking, festivals. We love bein420631_10151367964607187_86939163_ng able to share our love for the outdoors and adventures with our children while keeping them close.

Babywearing Origins.

My friend back in Chicago introduced me to babywearing when she had her daughter a few years ago. I saw how it helped her and her family bond and made the transition to life with a new baby easier. When I became pregnant with my son a few years later she urged me to check out babywearing and find a local babywearing group. Which is how I came to find what is now BWI of Greater Austin. The rest, as they say, is history.

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Babywearing Today.

Babywearing for me has always been about the practicality of it. It just makes life easier. In so many ways. Now that I have baby number 2, I can honestly say that I do not know how people have more than one kid and don’t babywear. I loved babywearing for the closeness and comfort with my son, but with my daughter babywearing has become a necessity as I am also chasing around a very active toddler. Our daily lives includes me wearing one or the other (or both at the same time) so I can more easily meet their needs.

Try as I might, my son would not let me wrap him when he was little. He was a leg-straightening wiggle worm! So when my daughter was born I gave wrapping a go again and she loved being snuggled close in her wrap. We started with a boba wrap and moved on from there trying out friend’s wraps and the wraps from the lending library. Our favorite is the gypsy mama hybrid wrap. Now that baby sister is here, my toddler is all about getting wrapped! But don’t get me wrong, I still love me a buckle carrier!

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In addition to wearing my own babies daily, as a leader for BWI of Greater Austin, I spend a great deal of time thinking about, reading about, talking about and demonstrating babywearing. I don’t think folks really get how much time the leaders spend outside of the discussion group and meetings planning events, learning new techniques, best practices and about new carriers, responding to questions and ooooooooh the crafts! I don’t know if I have ever been so disturbed by a craft day more than I was by the leaders weighted doll party. It was a gruesome scene of doll parts and stuffing all over my dining room table. To say that babywearing plays a big role in my life right now is an understatement, but I would not have it any other way. I cannot tell you how much I love sharing babywearing with new parents. Helping people find the carrier that best suits their needs, or how to use their carrier correctly so it fits them and their lifestyle better or demoing that little trick that makes all the difference. I truly love that I get to do this every day.

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Why I love Babywearing

I love babywearing for all the reasons above and then some. I love that babywearing helps 993645_10151515829137187_727899736_nthe transition to parenthood a little easier (or to two a bit less crazy). I love that my babies are close to me all the time and know they can climb up and snuggle almost any time. I love that we can take our babies just about anywhere without having to worry about where to park the stroller or how to navigate it through the crowds or terrain. I love that when my babies are sick, or tired or just not feeling well I know I can easily comfort them with extra long snuggles in their carriers. More than anything though, I love the feeling of my babies breathing the deep breaths of a restful sleep on my chest or back. Knowing that the most wonderful place in the world for them is snuggled close to me. Absolutely nothing beats looking down (or into a mirror if baby is on my back) and seeing that tiny face so calm and peaceful. In that moment all else ceases to exist and I can feel my heart swell a million times over with the emotions only a parent can feel as our hearts beat next to each other.

I am still the VP of Education and work with the amazing education and administrative committee locally. (We are always seeking new volun11717234_10152882211472187_178416058_nvolunteers hint, hint!) I have also started volunteering at national on the Education Committee and am the Higher Accreditation Regional Director for our area and the west coast. My “babies” are not so small anymore so now I bribe them to wear them or wear them for their own protection. I am also not shy about wearing other people’s babies. I love being able to share my love of babywearing with the next generation of babywearers!

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