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I’m so excited to welcome Katie to our team at the BWI of Greater Austin Blog.  Where I (Cynthia) write reeeeeediculous blog posts at time, our blog is a resource for ALL things babywearing, especially educational posts.  Katie, a VBE, will be doing the educational and Babywearing 102 posts.  Perhaps you’ve already read her post on Waterwearing and Daddywearing.  If not, you should!  I’m thrilled to bring back MMM (Meet a Member Monday) with such a special introduction — Meet Katie!!


“I’m a mom to four: A 7 year old son, and three girls ages 6, almost 4, and 1.11419754_10100263050516917_538107695_n I’ve been an Army spouse for nearly 10 years and have called many places home but originally hail from NY. My background education is in Psychology and I have a special interest in child development. I love all things crafty, traveling, homeschooling, and exploring with my kids.

I love babywearing because of how it’s played such an essential role in my life as a mother! It has strengthened the bond between my children and my husban11303717_10100263050511927_1915707595_nd and I. It has helped me tackle difficult situations from deployments to cross-country moves. Babywearing also makes everyday tasks easier (grocery shopping with 4 kids!) and has allowed us to see and do more with our children.

My first introduction to babywearing occurred in 2007 during my pregnancy with my son when I discovered the forums. I was drawn to the concept of attachment parenting and babywearing was a tool that I wanted in my tool box. I started out wearing my son in the carriers of the day: a Maya ring sling, Hot Sling, Moby, BabyHawk, and Beco Butterfly to name a few, and the rest was history. After yet another move, I discovered my first unaffiliated babywearing group in 2009 shortly after my oldest daughter was born.11335779_10100263050467017_1309724307_n

11418361_10100263050916117_884711874_nIn 2011, I finally found myself in the same state as what would be my first Babywearing International chapter (Phoenix, AZ) and became a member. In late 2014, I moved to Southeastern Arizona just in time to see their BWI chapter come to fruition. I had been considering volunteer opportunities for some time at that point, and becoming a Volunteer Babywearing Educator presented the perfect opportunity to spread knowledge of something I love and be inclusive of the entire family, as well as being something I could take with me each time we moved.

We moved to Texas in May 2015, and BWI Austin graciously offered me the11356246_10100263050452047_1629509389_n position of educational blogger with the Education Committee where I enjoy brainstorming fun and educational content based on our 102 topic every month, and I continue to volunteer at monthly meetings.

After almost eight years, babywearing is still a very big part of my life and something I do daily. It helps soothe away sickness and teething or just regular, old grumpy days. It makes walking the dog, shopping, and visits to the park easier. It serves as a resting place for tired, little legs, and helps all of us carry on now that each day is fuller but always far too short.”

Please note that even Katie’s daughter’s babywearing selfie game is on point.  She couldn’t be a better addition to the team!10443952_10100263050481987_490470075_n


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