MMM: Meet our Lead Educator, Leigh Anne!

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One of the most visible leaders in our organization is Leigh Anne. She’s been with the organization since the time it started and people remember being helped by Leigh Anne because of her effortless teaching style and approachability. We are THRILLED to have Leigh Anne as our Lead Educator.  Not only is she a babywearing genius and has a tremendous communication style, her wealth of knowledge on traditional carriers and babywearing history make her a treasure trove of great information!  I am so excited to bring you today’s MMM (Meet a Member Monday), one our faves, Leigh Anne:
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Hi.  So tell us a little bit about yourself?
I was a chef for ten years pre kids, I used to cook steaks for millionaires, I *may* be a bit into the adrenaline rush. I am a Texas native, my family has owned the same land here since 1842, my great great grandfather is buried 10ft away from the outlaw Sam Bass. I was the first open adoption in the State of Texas. And I really like crafting and homesteading.
Why Do You Babywear?
I love Babywearing because it makes my life easier. It keeps my kiddos close, allows me breastfeed on the go, and gives me back my independence and freedom. Plus I get to hang out with some of the coolest people in town!
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How did you get started with Babywearing?

I researched Babywearing while we were trying to conceive our first kiddo. I bought a Moby, a seven sling, and a beco Gemini, I thought it would be easy! I was wrong. The Moby took me hours to wrap and was so hot I wanted someone to cut me out of it! I needed people to help and I had no friends with kids. I started searching for groups and found Austin Area Babywearers [now BWI Austin]. My world changed one hot afternoon at cherrywood coffeehouse, over 4yrs ago; I met my people. I found community, friendship and a judgement free zone, it was life saving. I needed to be a part of all the awesomeness! I started helping Sabrina with the library, I was hooked! I loved getting to share what knowledge I had, meet new friends and wear my baby.
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How about now, what does Babywearing look like for you day to day?

I wear my daughter much more than I ever wore my son. She is 9mo and really loves the snuggles, I wear her while hanging laundry, checking on the chickens and playing with her big brother. I rarely wear my big kid, he is 4yo and would love it if I could wear him on my front all day so he could nurse non-stop, but baby sister has some words to say about that! I am an advanced Babywearing educator and working on my MBE, I work with Lori to help train our new educators. I even have a fancy Lead Educator title!

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It is well-deserved, Leigh Anne.  Thanks for chatting today!

Have you been helped by Leigh Anne?  We’d love to hear how she’s helped you!


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