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WHERE would we be as an organization without Heather??  When ever I just think of the word, “organization,” a visual of her face pops into my head… no serious, she’s that good!  So for today’s MMM, part of the “Meet the Leaders” series in December, meet our President and fearless leader, Heather Snaman Frech:

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My name is Heather Snaman Frech, and I’m a certified VBE and President of Babywearing International of Greater Austin.  I became interested in babywearing as my maternity leave was coming to an end.  I’d spent the better part of three months snuggling my daughter and holding her close, so I feared that as I returned to working long days our bond would suffer.

Babywearing Origins:

IMG_0699My first carrier was a Zolowear ring sling and I had a really hard time with it.  I’d wear it uncomfortably high on my neck, struggling to make the correct adjustments with the fabric jumbled in the rings.  In my search for a new carrier I stumbled onto the group, then called Austin Babywearers.  Up until that point I’d basically assumed I was the only babywearer in Austin, so I was thrilled to find a community of likeminded people sharing their knowledge!  They helped me troubleshoot my sling and introduced me to a world of other options.


I quit my job to become a full time mom when Catie was about 9 months old.  That’s when I realized what an amazing tool babywearing really was.






I wore her high on my back in a woven wrap for hours each day and we both loved it.  Not only was I able to use my hands and get things done, but she was at my level, looking over my shoulder – she was thrilled to be a part of the action!



Why I love Babywearing:IMG_1267
I feel incredibly lucky to be a part of this group.  My daughter is 3.5 and doesn’t really let me wear her anymore, but babywearing is still a huge part of my life! I love the look on a new mom’s face as she realizes that she can soothe her baby, keep her close and live her life at the same time.  Thank you for letting me be a part of that moment.


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