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Today we hear from my favorite bright-haired VP, Heather Pencil.  Heather is the VP of  Outreach and the group librarian.  She is responsible for the maintenance and care of our lending library.   She also schleps it around to our meetings, which is no small task!  Heather also has the distinction of being a member of BWI’s National Board.  Besides being a great advocate for Babywearing, Heather is the approachable and helpful type.  I often get told that people are helped by, “the petite lady with the bright hair.”  Yep, that’s our Pencil!
Background:  My name is Heather Dianne Pencil. The middle name is important as that’s the name I used as an online gaming handle and a lot of my friends actually call me Dianne. I have one kid and his name is Dante. He’s presently 20 months old.
Babywearing Origins: I learned about babywearing almost 10 years ago when I was helping a friend watch her newborn. She had a moby wrap and it really helped him through colic. Once I found out how well it worked, I knew that I would wear my babies. I started attending babywearing meetings before Dante was born, but more consistently right after he was born. I started out with a home-made stretchy wrap and a gauze wrap.
gauzetiny dante
Current Babywearing: I love wrapping, but geek out on basically all carrier styles besides mei tais. I never use a MT. I love fitting people into pouches and making what our members have “work”. I currently favor my Natural Hemp Indio that has been dyed, but cycle through various wraps.
back sleep
I love Babywearing Because: It makes everything easier. I never worry about taking Dante out in public. Grocery shopping is a breeze and I know that he is safe and not breaking anything. It helped me when Dante was colicky and not sleeping much. I really don’t know how caregivers are able to function with a newborn and don’t wear their baby.

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