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What is International Babywearing Week?

a) An opportunity for us to practice outreach and build awareness in our community.
b) A week-long celebration of our awesomeness as babywearers.
c) Our biggest FUNdraiser of the year.
d) A week-long party where you could win tons-o-prizes
e) All of the above and more, yo!

I’ll give you a second…

Me: It’s E!!! Yes, International Babywearing Week is a huge party, where we celebrate our awesomeness, work on outreach, build awareness, and win TONS-O-Prizes while FUNdraising for a great cause.  If International Babywearing Week were a person, they would be a multi-tasking ninja of awesome!

ninja of awesomeness

You: So what do we do at this week-long party of awesomeness?  That sounds like a long time for a party.

Me: Well, that’s because, “ain’t no party like a babywearing party, yo!”  Uhm … in reality, we’ll have lots of events all week throughout the area and some of the events are online. Because for a week long babywearing party to work, you have to let babies nap.  Our theme this year is, “Share the Adventure,” which really works with our online as well as in-person events.  The events will happen daily and you’ll earn entries with your participation in the events to our “participation only” raffle of a brand-spanking-new Beco Carrier!  Raffle tickets are available for our “bookend” raffles.  One will be on the 5th and one on the 11th.  These raffles are HUGE!  You don’t want to miss TONS of prizes.

Rumor Alert — Last year we gave out hundreds of dollars in prizes and this year, thanks to the generous donations of our sponsors… it will be THOUSANDS!

*Pause for Applause*

You: Prizes?  Also, was I supposed to applaud?  I’m so confused.

Me:  Just go with it.  PRIZES… we have everything from gift certificates, WAHM goods, and free personalized VBE consults, and carriers!  We’ll give these out at the culmination of International Babywearing Week, our HUGE Babywearing Carnival!!


You:  Woah.  What happens at the Carnival?

Me: Yeah, I can’t tell you everything… but there is an entire committee  that has been working on this event for MONTHS even though it is still months away and if I spilt their secrets… I shudder to think.  I can tell you that there will be prizes, lots of worn babies, games, food, fun, and adventures to be had!  I can also show you some of what we had last year and assure you that this year is going to be EVEN BETTER!!

3worn babies

IBW is a family affair, so get everyone involved!


Last year we gave away hundred of dollars of gift certificates, WAHP goods, and 4 carriers. This year, we are at least doubling each of those categories!


There will be games for the whole family and a chance for the “big kids” to participate as well!


Mark Your Calendars, Save the Date (October 5th through 11th), and Check Out more details about our IBW events HERE.  We can’t wait to SHARE THE ADVENTURE with you!


So spread the word, gather your babywearing friends, and Share The Adventure!!!

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