Other Carrier Tutorials

Back Carry in Buckle Onbuhimo

Using a buckle onbuhimo can be a no-fuss way to carry a toddler for shorter stretches of time, such as when their legs get tired at the end of a walk, or for a quick errand. This is a high back carry and should be done with toddlers who have very good trunk control and do NOT bring their arms tucked into the carrier. This is also a popular option for babywearers who are pregnant because it puts no weight on their belly. The majority of Onbuhimo carriers are back carry only. Please refer to your owner’s manual to see if it has a front carry option. 

Please note that shortening “onbuhimo” to “onbu” is not appropriate when referring to this carrier and is erasure of the culture that is responsible for the carrier. Onbuhimo should be referred to by its proper full name.

(spoken, closed captions): https://youtu.be/P7PKVLGq1Vg 

Front Carry in Baby K’tan

Baby K’tan carriers are pared-down versions of a front wrap cross carry, and they are great for young babies who need to be brought out of a carrier frequently to eat or for diaper changes. These sized carriers are sometimes tricky to understand at first though. Don’t forget to use the third layer, the detachable sash piece: it is an important element to reduce fall risk!

(spoken): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V1onOqoVWNA

Front Carry in Pouch 

Pouch slings are minimal carriers which can be used for front carries. They are excellent backup carriers for carrier laundry day, kept in a car, or emergency diaper bag carriers. Pouches are sized carriers, so if your pouch doesn’t seem to fit quite right, we have a pouch exchange library, and can trade you for one which fits better during our monthly meetings. We also sell them for $5 each at the meetings. 

Pouch carry tutorial (subtitled, music background): https://youtu.be/LLO_okttppw 

Photo pouch carry tutorial: https://wrappingrachel.com/2015/10/03/pouch-sling-front-carry-photo-tutorial/ 

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