Revenge of The Corn Ninja

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{This is Part 2 of the Story of the Corn Ninjas in the Great Tattoo Wrap War of 2013.  Part 1 is here.}

WHY did the Corn Ninja win ultimately in The Great Tattoo Baby Wrap War of 2013??

WHY did the Corn Ninja win ultimately in The Great Tattoo Baby Wrap War of 2013??

“Cynthia, WE had more votes?”

“Cynthia, WE got a free wrap?”


Well, technically, we BOTH got a free wrap.  The end points were roughly 617 to 5 hundred something.  The fine people at Wrap Your Baby were gracious enough to give each team one, that was awesome.  So, I could have just said that we both won, but Really, REALLY, the Corn Ninjas did.  Here is why:

Well, a wise man or woman,who is likely old or dead but probably wise, once said something along the lines of:

“Take your enemies greatest strength, turn it around and use it against them.  Then, their greatest strength will become your own.”

Or something like that, I’m sure.  I picture it perhaps being uttered at a great war while villages are pillaged and perhaps they were talking about fire power or the spread of cholera, I don’t know, something like this, but more war-y:


The point is that the Corn Ninjas Did This!!  They took our strength, the fact that we had labeled them Corn Ninjas and were able to come up with awesome memes because of our label and they made it their own.  Ladies and Gentlemen,  The Corn Ninja:


HOW AMAZINGLY AWESOME IS THIS THING????  The Corn Ninjas came up with this in their group after they learned that someone (ok, maybe us) was calling them Sneaky Corn Ninjas.  My favorite part is that the baby is also a ninja, which means that the age-old of question of whether ninjahood is nature or nurture, can now be put to rest.  Ninjas are born (and worn!), obvi.

But what that old wise guy in the lego war didn’t say was that the ultimate win is to not only take your enemy’s strength, turn it against them, make it your own, but then use it to MAKE MONEY.  Yep.  The Corn Ninjas have the pants beat off those old dead warring guys.  They are making shirts with this awesome babywearing Ninja on it as a fundraiser!!!

Genius.  Corn Ninjas are war geniuses.  Just take my money, already. Gah!

So, if you too would like a Corn Ninja shirt, this is where they are collecting preliminary preference information, on this Google Form.

Now, can we all see how these Sneaky Corn Ninjas got one over on us?  Wow.


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