Ring Sling Tutorials

Ring Sling Tips

Once you have a ring sling “threaded” where the fabric is through the double rings and ready to be worn, you don’t have to re-thread the sling each time you wear. You are able to loosen the fabric from the rings, take the child out, and leave the fabric through the rings and ready for next time! Small adjustments may need to be made to be sure the fabric is not folded over on itself before you place the child in the ring sling next time you wear.

Threading a ring sling (spoken, auto closed captioned): https://youtu.be/FeSJOinky-s

Front Carry

Ring slings are awesome for front carries with little babies. They can be easily adjusted between caregivers, can be very quick to put on, and can also be adjusted during use to feed a baby, then easily raised up again once the baby is done feeding. They are also nice carriers to have for toddlers who can’t make up their minds whether they want to be held or not, or running errands. 

Video ring sling with a newborn (spoken, auto closed captioned): https://youtu.be/e2BCdRfQAvQ

Photo tutorial, ring sling front carry: https://www.carryingmatters.co.uk/ring-sling-photo-tutorial/ 

Hip Carry

A hip carry in a ring sling is a good way to help your curious baby see out, or free up one of your hands. You can start using this carry at the time when you start naturally carrying your baby on your hip without a carrier. The setup is exactly the same as a ring sling front carry, the only difference is where you position the baby in the sling. 

How to load your baby into the sling (spoken). https://youtu.be/jnsFymv_M8Q

Back Carry

A back carry in a ring sling is considered an advanced babywearing skill, since there is only one layer of fabric holding up your baby. It works best with very calm older toddlers (not escape artists), and isn’t suitable for infants. 

Threading the RS for back carry with child already piggyback (subtitled, mutable music background): https://youtu.be/Lm0Y5JD0iZU

This video shows both a hip scoot and superman method, as well as getting your child down (subtitled, music background): https://youtu.be/XZubs-ZJf3I 

An interesting twist to try for a deeper seat (spoken, auto closed captioned): https://youtu.be/N4WICDDhxrM

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