Sharing is Caring. Our Community Swap and Share

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We here at BWI Austin believe in Community Outreach. I mean, EVERYTHING we do here is a labor of LOVE. My vast blogging salary is $0 and even though the educators make four times that, they really aren’t doing it for the money.


Awwww. Thanks, Ryan! You always get me.

Part of our commitment to community is about wearing all the babies.

Having a space (like our discussion group) to ask questions about babywearing and our lending library are really just tools. BUT… do we want to reach out to only babywearers? Nope. We want you guys to feel empowered as care-takers, period. And when I say, “you guys,” I mean the entire greater Austin community. All of it. And of course we do that best, when we reach the most people (obvi).

Enter events like this weekend’s….

On Saturday, we are going to be taking over Parker Lane United Methodist Church’s gymnasium (thanks guys) and having a GIANT FREE community swap. Naturally, I thought people may have some questions about this event, so I decided to do a Q&A for today’s blog.

How much do I have to pay to go to the swap?

How much do I have to pay if I don’t bring stuff to swap?
Still Nothing.

Do I have to bring anything to swap to take something home?
Uhm, No. This event is about building community and outreach, come one come all!

When is it?
10 am to 1 pm on THIS SATURDAY, August 29th.

Where is it?
At Parker Lane United Methodist Church Gymnasium.

Is there some way I can connect with the Swap digitally?
Yes!! I am so glad you asked. We have a Facebook Page for it as well as an event.

***Spoiler Alert… (the answer is ALWAYS “Our Community Swap!”)

What should I do with all the stuff I’ve KonMaried from my house?
You should take it ALL to Our Community Swap!

What if I have baby clothes that don’t fit anymore?
Darn babies, with their always growing nonsense.  Take that to… Our Community Swap!

What should I do with Cloth Diapers that I’ve been trying unsuccessfully to sell?
Take them to… Our Community Swap. Someone will use them and would love them… to poop on.

My partner thinks I am hoarder, do you have any advice?
Yes.  Counseling.  But afterwards, bring ALL your stuff to… Our Community Swap!

I’m really in need of some baby clothes. Where should I go?
Seriously, Cynthia, where do you come up with these questions!  Go to… Our Community Swap!

Where can I find a great place to hang out and meet friends on Saturday?
Obvi.  Our Community Swap.

Where are all the cool kids spending THEIR Saturday?
I don’t know, but WE will be at… you guessed it… our Community Swap!


2 Comments for : Sharing is Caring. Our Community Swap and Share
    • Jennifer PM
    • August 26, 2015

    Swapping is the bomb! Clean out your closets? Win! Bring home new stuff? Win! Hang out with cool people? Win! And the cherry on top? Leftovers get donated to a good cause! We took ours to the Austin FreeStore, a Methodist charity on E. 12th St. that gives things away for free, but I’ve also donated swap leftovers to the Austin Women and Children’s Shelter. Keeping it all uber-local!

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