Additional Information / FAQs

Below is additional information and answers to frequently asked questions. If you have any additional questions , concerns or suggestions please email us!

If you are raising children, we are interested in supporting you as you do that while you work. We plan to do that primarily by making sure we always welcome children in all the retreat spaces alongside their families. We will also stay flexible and ready to respond to unique needs. Just reach out and talk to us! We want to work with you to make this retreat worthwhile and enjoyable for everyone who comes.

We are committed to creating a space accessible to all who wish to participate. On the registration form there is a space to describe what you need to be able to participate fully in the retreat. That can include information about the facilities, food, interpretation (if so, what language?), mobility concerns, and more. Please email us if you have specific questions, concerns, or suggestions.

We will be offering food during the retreat and are working to make sure everyone has something they can enjoy. There is space on the registration form to indicate describe your specific needs, if any. We welcome your suggestions for accommodating your needs as well, even though we can’t guarantee we will be able to meet them. You are able to bring in your own snacks and food if desired.

We understand attendees may need to leave the session room and still want to take in the information being shared. We have a separate area near the session room for anyone to use that will have audio and video shared from the main room. Also, each in-person ticket will also include digital access. Should you need to leave the retreat for whatever reason, you will have access to the content live on your own device using the Zoom platform.

As part of our commitment to accessibility, please be as scent and fragrance-free as you can. Scented products include shampoos, lotions, styling products, laundry detergent, fabric softener, essential oils, colognes, perfumes, air fresheners, and the use of vapes, cigarettes, and tobacco and medicinal herbs. We understand scent can be an important part of your identity, so we won’t mandate that you refrain completely. However, please remember that some scents cause negative health impacts, from mild to severe, and one of us bringing a triggering scent into the session space could deprive our whole group from benefiting from the contributions of someone who could not tolerate that particular fragrance. Please avoid using scent if you can, so more of us can enjoy participating without headaches, nausea, or worse. Let us know if you have questions about this!

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