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Hi y’all! I don’t normally post here, but wanted to make an exception for a really special occasion. Many of the current generation of babywearers (generations are short in the babywearing world, I’m talking about 2 years here, ha!) have only known online babywearing in terms of Facebook communities. If that’s the case for you, I’m about to blow your mind.

No, really. You have no idea what you’ve been missing! You see, there’s this site called TheBabywearer or TBW. It’s where all of us “old school” people cut our teeth back in the day (we’re going way back to 2010 for me, folks). TheBabywearer is special and different. It was founded in 2003, and could arguably be called the beginning of the babywearing movement in the US.

There are over 4 MILLION posts, so whether you’re looking for the best buckle carrier for a petite wearer or to analyze every last difference between two Mr. P from 2006 and 2007 you can rest assured that someone has geeked out over your question.

Babywearing International, our parent organization, chose to acquire TBW last year because the hosting fees were just becoming too much for the old owner. We recently migrated to a new forum solution that really brings this historic site into the modern day, and as part of our relaunch we have an insane number of giveaways.

I’ll give you all a little peek behind the scenes here… We decided to ask for donations for contests on a whim, the week before the relaunch. We thought we’d get a couple of good prizes, but the response has been stunning. It really shows the loyalty that people have to TBW as an institution.

Enough with all of that, I’m sure you’re ready for the good stuff: Contest Details!

These are the contests that are running for the whole week:
Popcorn Smiley – Popcord Prize Pack with a TBW T-Shirt

Instagram Share – Didymos Wrap from Birdie’s Room

Refer A Friend #1 – BityBean Ultra Compact Carrier

Refer A Friend #2 – BityBean Carrier

BWI Members Only #1 – BeachFront Baby Water Wrap for the entrant and $100 Gift Certificate to Kiwi Baby Shop for the BWI Chapter

BWI Members Only #2 – Beachfront Baby Water Wrap for the entrant and $100 Gift Certificate to Kiwi Baby Shop for the BWI Chapter

Avatar Star – TBW Prize Package (t-shirt, logo water bottle, decal, logo key fob, back carry mirror, logo fabric suck pads courtesy of BWI and Pink Pigeon Creations).

Additionally, there are dozens of discussion thread giveaways and daily prizes including a bunch of woven wraps, ring slings, mei tais, stalk free slots for handwovens, gift cards and SO much more. Go check it out! 

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