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4-7pm – Evening Social – Welcome Stash Chat with Babywearing Vendors

8-9am – Check in/ late registration

9am – Welcome with Autumn Bruington President of BWI of Greater Austin & Carol Wheeler of BWI of San Antonio the event facilitator

9:30 – 10:15am – A Babywearing Organization: a look behind the “desk” with Jennifer Hoover, President of  Fort Worth Babywearers
Ideal for new or up and coming babywearing groups, this session will discuss basic structuring ideas, setting up networking, auxiliary programs like YouTube and blogs, admin’ing your facebook group, soliciting sponsors, fundraising, and building a library.

10:15am – Morning Break

10:30-11:30am– Continued Kangaroo Care and How to Start the Conversation with the Families You Assist with Joanna McNeilly of Center for Babywearing Studies

11:45am-12:30pm – Liability Law and Babywearing Education with Cynthia Soliz of the Law Offices of Cynthia Soliz
Texas-specifc liability law information and tips for non-profits and for-profit baby wearers alike. Information regarding lending libraries, meeting spaces, injury law, insurance, and even blogging regulations. The last fifteen minutes are reserved for question and answer, for some free legal advice and discussion.

12:30-2pm – Lunch

2-2:30pm – Educating through Dynamic Meeting Structures with Heather Pencil of BWI of Greater Austin
In this lecture, you will be given information on how to scale your meetings to various group sizes and how to divide your volunteers most efficiently. You will receive handouts with meeting set ups and outlines as well as tools on how to teach to large groups, when you are limited on educators. If time allows, there will be a Q&A session to follow.

2:45 – 4pm Educator-to-Educator Session with Tables for: Wraps, MTs, SSCs, RSs, pouches, other carriers. Each table will have a facilitator for that carrier type
Wraps Facilitator: Carol Wheeler, table sponsored by ACK Wraps & Sew Epic LLC
Mei Tai Facilitator: Jennifer Hoover, table sponsored by Fort Worth Babywearers Library
Soft Structured Carriers Facilitator: Lori Post, table sponsored by Onya Baby & Beco
Ring Sling Facilitators: Autumn Bruington & Keely Johnson, table sponsored by Sew Epic LLC
Pouches Facilitator: Heather Pencil, table sponsored by BWI of Greater Austin Lending Library
Other Carriers Facilitator: LeighAnne Soefje

4pm – Afternoon Break

4:15-5pm – Conflict management & Group Dynamics with Carol of BWI of San Antonio
This session will present a conflict management model and specific tools for leaders to use when dealing with conflict. Examples will be specific to babywearing leaders, and will include conflicts within the leadership team, at meetings, and in our online groups. Participants will have a chance to actively work through a conflict and discuss how they would apply the tools presented in specific scenarios.

6pm – Evening Social at the Silver Grill Cafe


8am – Breakfast and Park & Play with Hike it Baby at Katherine Fleischer Park
Join Hike It Baby Austin Branch Lead for breakfast and playing at the park. See what HiB is all about and how you can partner with the HiB in your area. 

10:00-11:00am – Social Justice Chat with Angelique Geehan a Babywearing consultant and Professional Educator
Understanding how the nuances of our culture affect different people in different ways can boost your ability to communicate effectively and provide services to a fuller segment of your communities. In this session, we will discuss the current “jargon” being used in social justice circles, how to begin unpacking our own “invisible backpacks” to free ourselves to be clearer and more compassionate thinkers, and ways to take action and work as allies for marginalized groups to make the world a better place for ourselves, our children, and others.

11 – Morning Break

11:15am-12:00pm – Q&A with the President of the Board of Directors of Babywearing International, Heather Snaman Frech
Join the President of the Board of Directors for Babywearing International in a roundtable discussion about the issues facing babywearing groups, as well as BWI’s policies, strategies and goals.

12-12:30pm – History & Traditional Babywearing with LeighAnne Soefje of BWI of Greater Austin
During this session I will talk about Carriers from around the world- kikoy, siol fagu, hmong, selendang, obi, rebozo, manta, podaegi. Discussing, is it safe and the perils of viewing non-mainstream US carriers as dangerous. How Practice over product is an important consideration in babywearing. Finally, what to look for in a SPOC.

12:30-1pm – Balancing Roles:  How to be Both a Volunteer and Paid Professional Educator with Krystal Fare of Ergo Baby and BWI of San Antonio
A discussion of how to work as both a volunteer and paid babywearing educator.

1-2pm –
Lunch Break

2- 2:45pm – Blogging 101 with Cynthia of BWI of Greater Austin
Learn from my mistakes and triumphs. Learn how to build and keep an online following, see the statistics behind the magic, and have some handy tips for allowing your blog to give back to your organization.
Professionalizing Yourself with  Krystal & Angelique
As our industry grows manufacturers, vendors, and service providers are looking to add babywearing professionals to their staff/resources. We hope to provide babywearing educators with information on how to present themselves as professionals and how to help them become better candidates to fill these roles in our industry.

3-4pm – Babywearing Regulations: why you should care, and what you should care about with Joanna McNeilly of Baby Carrier Industry Alliance

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