Texas Babywearing Leadership Preview, a Q&A with Lori

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This weekend, we’re honored to host some of the foremost leaders in our industry (really, I previewed them here) for our Texas Babywearing Leaders Retreat.  A LOT of time and energy has gone into this weekend so, of course, I decided to corner the lady who made this idea a reality, Lori Post, with some of my last minute questions.  In all seriousness, I’m appreciative of the time she gave me to provide some insight into the retreat.  I hope you enjoy our conversation.
So, Lori, big week! I already know you’re excited for this weekend. Why don’t you remind us what exactly is happening?
I am dragging all of the Texas babywearing leaders out of their homes to Austin because it sounds like fun. Just kidding, not all of them, just some of them.  Don’t post that.
My real answer is:  We have a big weekend planned! Starting with the Welcome Stash Chat on Friday evening and continuing with two full days of discussions and socials, we have a lot of great opportunities to learn from each other and share our collective knowledge.
Ok, so my first question is about who can go. I know that the retreat is for “Leaders,” but what does that mean?
I know that babywearing education can mean a lot of things to a lot of people. I went into organizing the Texas Babywearing Leaders Retreat with that in mind. If you are a volunteer with a babywearing organization, CBWS/BI Certified educator, lead a small babywearing group or are a carrier retailer or manufacturer, this event is for you. The planning committee aimed to have something of interest for leaders of all types.
Is there still time to register?
There is.  You can register here and as of right now, we are also doing same-day onsite registration.
What if you aren’t a babywearing leader? Can you still come to stuff?
Almost all of our chapter events throughout the year are geared towards the general babywearing public. This event is specifically geared towards babywearing leaders and educators.
Uhm, what if you are a toddler?
Lol, toddlers are welcome with an adult. Please don’t drop them off at the door and go get a coffee!! Much like working at meetings and with clients, we know that babywearing means there will be babies, and toddlers and probably even a few older kids. We have a small room located right next door that will have dimmer lighting, baby essentials and toddler quiet toys. Oh, and snacks of course! This will be a great place for attendees to stretch their legs and grab a snack or drink and for kiddos to have a little more space to be kids.
So, when I was writing the line up preview, I was really surprised that all these really knowledgeable babywearers lived here in Texas! Do we have any out-of-staters coming?
We have some fantastic discussions planned, with some really incredible leaders from our community here in Texas. From the President of the Board of Directors for Babywearing International, Heather Snaman Frech, to the President and Founder of Center for Babywearing Studies, Joanna McNeilly, who does not currently live in Texas but called it home for a long time. We are also welcoming a very special guest, Vesta Garcia, one of the founders of BCIA. That is just to name a few. Everything really IS bigger in Texas, and that is without a doubt true for our babywearing leaders! We have attendees coming from all parts of Texas, as well as Oklahoma and even Minnesota! It is going to be amazing to have so many leaders from so many places. I cannot wait to meet everyone!
What’s the actual set-up going to be? How many rooms?
We have two rooms at the location. One big room where the event will be held and one smaller room for the parenting lounge I mentioned above. As we were planning the event, we really wanted it to be more intimate, a way to connect to each other. For that reason, we are keeping all of the main activities and speakers in one big room, with round tables to encourage the conversations to start and continue between sessions. The planning committee is hard at work to make it a cozy and welcoming space.
What should we do for lunch? Any suggestions?
 You are on your own for lunch, so you can hopefully get to know your fellow attendees better outside of the retreat walls. Each welcome bag will have a list of local restaurants as well as places that deliver to the hotel. There are lots of yummy options just a short drive away!
shopingLori, this is way bigger than I originally thought. Congrats on putting this together. 
It’s not all me. I have had an AWESOME TEAM helping me prepare for the retreat. The planning committee, including: Angelique Geehan, Autumn Bruington, Carol Wheeler, Hannah Blue Haws, Joanna McNeilly, Kelly Martin, and Leigh Soefje have worked closely to develop an event that will appeal to everyone. Now, in the final hour, additional volunteers including Camilia Lellis, Ginny, Holly Bayer, Maddie Creameans, and Rachel Grieco have stepped up to ensure we have everything we need in place and will be at the event helping to make sure it all runs smoothly.
Anything we should bring with us the days of the retreat?
Hmmm, what you should bring with you…. an interest in getting to know some pretty amazing people and desire to grow personally and professionally?? A bottle for water as central Texas is not short on HOT right now? We have tried to make sure that you will have everything you need to have a successful retreat!

Welcome Bag Preview!! Love it!

Anything else you want to add?
I would also like to thank our sponsors, who have been awesome to work with. Onya Baby donated carriers to give out to four lucky winners and their ambassador with be at the Welcome Stash Chat to answer any questions you might have. 5minute Recess and Smitten Wovens gave generously to help us see our vision through. We are thrilled they have moved to Texas and will be part of our babywearing community here!! Two more local companies, Sew Epic LLC and ACK Wraps are also supporters. Sew Epic LLC is a ring sling and wrap maker and converter from San Antonio. She will also be at the Welcome Stash Chat and sponsoring the educator to educator ring sling table with a few of her ring slings. ACK wraps makes very light-weight stretchy wraps perfect for newborns in Texas. ACK has given us two of her wraps to play with for the weekend and then give away to a lucky attendee! So definitely make sure you check them out! Beco has also donated a carrier in one of their neat new prints to giveaway to an attendee. They will have an ambassador at the Welcome Stash Chat and their carriers at the educator or educator table, so you can see all of their options in buckles! Mt. Playmore, Revel Blue Boutique and Luv2LuvU all donated goodies for a giveaway at the Kick-off welcome event, so give them some love and don’t forget to sign up to win at the Stash Chat. Finally, stop by the Ergo table at the vendor night to learn all about their newest and (literally) coolest carriers and infant inserts, which we here in Texas will appreciate.
Wait!  I forgot!  Will there be gluten free snacks at the retreat?
For both of our breaks, we are offering gluten free offerings as well as vegetarian and dairy free options.  We’ve tried to be inclusive of as many dietary needs as possible.  If you have very specialized need, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me and see if there is anything that can be done.
Also, Coffee?  Please say there will be coffee.  I just can’t adult without it.
Cynthia, you know that coffee one of the single most important things in my life.  I wouldn’t hear of an event without it.
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    Maria Virginia Tang – September 7, 2015 at 10:19 am
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    I’ve been a baby wearing supporter, instructor and motivator, participating in a lot of Radio and national TV, magazines and newspaper interviews, local conferences and personal consultant, for example:
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    Next year my husband and I will be moving to Texas, USA, so I´m very interested to become an active participant of your babywearinginternational’s organization, to continue as a babywearing educator over there. It would be great to know what do I need to become a part of your organization. I also want to know if my knowledge and experience in latinoamerica can be useful for you to promote babywearing education to Spanish-speaking persons. I am attentive to the comments and suggestions to record the necessary requirements and to be a part of babywearing international. Thank you very much!. You can see our work in instagram across @abrazaditos facebook: abrazaditos cerquita de mi and soon http://www.abrazaditos.com.ve

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