The Big Baby Bash aka We’re Doing a Giveaway!!!

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Back when dinosaurs roamed and I was about to give birth to my first child, I read seven 17842_10100214505835464_5948543_nparenting books.  You remember books, right?  They’re paper, they smell nice, are bathtub safe (relatively), and contain lots of information?  Four years later, preparing for my second baby could not have been anymore different.  It was all about blogs and web searches.  Good thing, too, because it was one of those web-searches that led me to this incredible organization, taught me new ways to wear my baby, gave me a momma-tribe, and a home for my inner-ramblings.  Well, it’s changed again.

NOW the newest coolest baby gear, parenting research, and experts come TO YOU!  The new thing is to have these awesome conferences where you get to experience gear, gadgets, and baby-whisperers in person!  And while there have been a few national ones, we all know that EVERYTHING is better and brighter right here in Austin, TX! Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present…. THE BIG BABY BASH & TODDLER JAM!  A local, hands-on, baby learning, toddler-loving experience!


Saturday is going to be geared towards newborns and Sunday to the big guys, toddlers to age five.

But Wait… There’s More… We’re going to be there!

That’s right, you will be able to get hands-on assistance from one of our very own Babywearing Educators in their snazzy orange headbands.  You too can get a little one-on-one time with these local and lovely brains of babywearing!


But WAIT… there’s still more… We’re going to have a selection of carriers available.  We’ll be staffing the Baby Wearing Lounge and hanging out with our carriers FOR YOU TO TRY!  Come out and visit with us!  Lounge, pet pretty carriers, try something new on, and learn a little babywearing!!

BUT WAIT… still more, yo!  If you call NOW we will double your order!!  Just pay shipping and handling.  No, not really, I got carried away.  But… we are giving away SIX FREE TICKETS!!


Yes, surprised baby, I said SIX FREE TICKETS! No April Fools Here!

To enter to win our free tickets, we want to hear a little bit about what you wish you had known as a new parent.  Mine would go something like this:

“Dear New Parent — It takes a village to raise a child.  (Don’t move to a village; it’s proverbial, yo.) Build a village. Fill it with local parents, family that is far or close, babywearers, neighbors, frat boys, lawyers, Aggies, whoever!  Just surround yourself with people that love your child.  Because the day will come when you will to have to pick up the phone and call someone to cry. Promise. You’ll have to ask someone if a poop looks normal (maybe with pics).  You may even need someone to take your child for the night because of an unforeseen emergency.  Be kind to your village.  They are more precious than gold.”

Then, make sure you are part of our discussion group since that’s where we’ll be announcing the winners!

Want to enter?  The rules and form is right HERE.  Good Luck!  And, see you at the Big Baby Bash & Toddler Jam!

PS — if you’re coming, we’d love for you to leave a comment so we can be on the look out for you!

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    My biggest recommendation for new parents, and what I wish someone had told me, is trust your instincts. You know your child better than anyone else, and you are their advocate. Don’t let anyone bully you into submission when it comes to your child! If it feels like more than colic, don’t let the pediatrician brush you off. If your baby needs you at night, cosleep safely and don’t let anyone shame you.

    • Meaghan Freeman
    • April 1, 2015

    I have a 2 year old and didn’t do much baby wearing,I didn’t know much about it. We’re expecting #2 in September and I would love to baby wear him or her! And still play with and chase my toddler!

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