The Texas Babywearing Leaders Retreat

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10959837_10203629126584822_891624694270674387_nHere at BWI Greater Austin, we consider our incredible educators and volunteers that help facilitate and teach babywearing meetings FOUR times a month, our greatest asset. These same volunteers devote countless hours to online Q&As, behind the scenes administration, and continuing education. But the truth is that, there are lots of communities throughout Texas with the same resource. And some of these incredible resources aren’t affiliated with BWI (Gasp! I know.) The truth is that as a state, we have incredible leaders on the babywearing front  and so… we decided to get them all together!

August 15th and 16th, the Texas Babywearing Leaders Retreat is happening! There will be hair-braiding, and babywearing, and maybe even a pillow fight!


Truth is that this is hard work. Countless hours and vast amounts of education goes into creating these experts. The leaders presenting have years of experience and insight; some of them even do this professionally.

We’re proud to be hosting the Texas Babywearing Leaders Retreat this year and a committee of leaders from across the state are working together to bring you an exceptional event. We have some amazing speakers presenting on a variety of issues, as the final schedule is being solidified, I thought I’d share some of the amazing people that you can expect to be presenting!

Things you need to know behind the scenes:

A babywearing organization: A look from behind the “desk” with Jennifer Hoover of Fort Worth Babywearers. We’re really looking forward to Jennifer sharing her perspective as a current president and former vice-president of Fort Worth Babywearers.

Cynthia Soliz (yes, that’s me; in my spare time I practice liability law) will be speaking on the liability of babywearing and babywearing groups.

Babywearing Regulations – Joanna McNeilly with Center for Babywearing Studies. So many questions about the new carrier regulations! We’re thrilled to have a board member come and speak at our retreat.

About Running a Babywearing Group:

Our very own Heather Pencil, will be presenting on teaching through dynamic meeting structures. I was hoping she would rename this, “come what may… we still teach.” She’s considering it. But as someone who has overseen BWI Greater Austin’s incredible transformation, I feel like the latter title would suit better.

The lovely and talented Carol Wheeler, of our sister-chapter BWI San Antonio, will be speaking on conflict management and group dynamics. I’m, personally really excited about this one. Carol is an assistant professor in Leadership Studies. I’m excited to hear insight and apply what I learn to people who can reason (note: not your toddler. sorry).

We’re thrilled to have the President of the Board of Directors of BWI, Heather Snaman Frech, who will be conducting a Q&A session… on Babywearing International, specifically (although given the opportunity I would ask about her time-management skills. Maybe next year.)

Carrier Learning:

History & Traditional babywearing with Leigh Soefje of BWI of Greater Austin. I mentioned in my MMM introduction (here) that Leigh is a wealth of knowledge and serious collector of traditional babywearing. Very exciting stuff.

Educator Roundtables (based on carrier type).


Social Justice Chat with Angelique Geehan. Angelique is legend… wait for it… dary in the babywearing world. You should check out her website and come prepared to learn from an industry leader.

Blogging 101 with Cynthia Soliz of BWI of Greater Austin. Self-explanatory. You are HERE aren’t you?

Going Pro:

Balancing Roles: How to be Both a Volunteer and Paid Professional Educator with Krystal Fare of Ergo Baby and BWI of San Antonio. Krystal has worn many hats in the industry and we get to benefit from her vast experience as both a director of a volunteer organization and a professional in the business.

Professionalizing Yourself with Krystal Fare & Angelique Geehan. Two Texas babywearing professionals with tremendous experience to share. Come ready to take notes!

Turns out, we live in a babywearing powerhouse state. Everything IS indeed bigger in Texas, even babywearing! We’re looking forward to sharing, growing, becoming more educated, and coming away better babywearing leaders.

Won’t you join us?  There is still time to register.

Are you interested in becoming a sponsor? Email us today!

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