What Does a Sparkle Berry Taste Like?

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My four-year-old is hilarious.  He says the funniest things…  But, yesterday, he asked me, “What does a Sparkle Berry taste like?”


Sanity Disclosure:  IF you do not know what a Sparkle Berry is, feel free to read the rest of the blog post and judge me on my parenting, I’m ok with that.  OR you could stop reading now, never know what a Sparkle Berry is, move on with your life and avoid the black hole that is my secret addiction.  Please note, it is a very deep and dark hole into which I have fallen, you have been warned.  If you want to know more about my babywearing story and I how I fell in, you can read that here.

Now, a Sparkle Berry is not the newest, hottest GMO to hit your local super market.  It is not the a My Little Pony name, and it is not Ilex serrata x verticillata (pictured below). images-1   It’s a wrap, y’all.  Pavo‘s Sparkle Berry: leaves and berries - 089

And I was devastated, for 2 reasons: 1. I didn’t get one. 2.  I had obviously been talking about it so much that my SON KNEW WHAT A SPARKLE BERRY WAS. Parenting Fail.

“Hmmmm, Self.  perhaps you have been a little too obsessed with getting this wrap.”

Lets see… I only spent an entire morning waiting for them to load on the website so I could buy them, called my husband almost crying when I didn’t get one, and took my kids to, “Sparkle Berry Pity-party” ice cream later that day.  Errr… and my Facebook status might have been the following:

Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 7.24.23 PM

::Deep Breath:: It really is just a piece of fabric and I have LOTS of lovely things in which to carry my child.  That point is made beautifully by this blog post, “Practice not Product.”

BUT… I didn’t take the high road.

Bad Parenting Alert!!!  I told my son that a Sparkle Berry probably tastes like, “unicorn kisses or sunshine!”

My husband and I had a laugh about it and ultimately we told him how silly Momma is being and that I was really talking about a wrap, but when he went to bed that night he told me, “Momma, I hope you find your crack berry.” I just smiled and responded, “Me, too, Fuss.  Goodnight.  I love you.”  But Seriously, y’all??? From the mouths of babes.  So. Appropriate.

Has your little ever put something into perspective like this?  I’d love to hear it in our comments!

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