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We are in the midst of our Membership Drive. This year, we’ve decided to do something exciting and REALLY push ourselves.  Last year, we were able to add or renew 52 memberships during our membership drive.  This year, we are trying for 75. Yes, SEVENTY-FIVE!!!  We decided on the bigger, loftier, higher goal because our membership has NEVER let us down and this year we decided to do something different — work towards offering sponsored memberships.

There ARE families who’s situation (financial or otherwise) does not grant them access to a carrier.  We here at BWI of Greater Austin believe that babywearing is for everyone. Everyone.  And this year, we are working to make that a reality.  Our sponsorship program will provide membership to community members in need. I hope you will join us in reaching our goals.  We are currently at 47 memberships and that puts us 28 away from our 75 new or renewed memberships goal (#mathftw).

In that spirit, I would like to provide you with a little motivation for becoming a member.  I present the answer to the burning question, “What does my membership buy?”

First and foremost, your membership buys you access to the lending library owned and maintained by BWI of Greater Austin.  It is pretty redonkulous, with over 300 carriers between two libraries.

You can use your membership at any of our FOUR meetings, as often as you would like to do so. That means your membership buys you 48 rentals a year, which comes out to $.62 a rental! #mathstrikesagain


Showing my work for how I came to that answer.

Your membership buys you representation at the National level.  BWI is a HUGE organization with over 600 leaders and roughly 60,000 members. When you buy your membership, $10 goes to the National organization. It’s an organization that is at the cutting edge of baby wearing, that has input it into new products, that develops international safety standards and best practices, that works on the forefront of outreach and inclusivity.  Oh, and YOU make that happen.

You get liability coverage for your leaders.  Now, this may not seem like a big deal, but as your friendly local liability attorney, I promise you that IT IS!!  We are one of the few babywearing organizations that are professional enough that insurance companies are willing to insure us.  That happens at the National level and is brought to you thanks to your memberships.

Free instruction.  There is never a fee for our group instruction, but your membership allows us to have the space and carriers to make that possible.  Have you ever been taught to thread a ringsling? Do a superman toss? Nurse in your buckle carrier?  That was all free, yo… thanks to your membership!

Twenty-four hour a day and seven days a week* online support through our discussion group.  Do you have a question about your carrier?  Take a picture, upload it and an accredited Volunteer Babywearing Educator will answer your question!!  And thanks to night-feeders, your question will likely be answered within minutes even if it’s posted at 2 am!  This is free to anyone, but our memberships make our community possible.

*Sad but true disclaimer: we can’t guarantee that there won’t be one day when all are kids sleep.  At least, hope springs eternal. 

That brings me to my final point — your membership helps to build a community.  A community that will celebrate your latest stalking success and mourn the wrap strike that lasts months. A community that will support and encourage you through the ups and downs of parenthood. This community is about more than wearing babies.  It has become my momma-tribe. I’ve been lucky to forge lasting friendships from this organization, run by ambitious women who love their children and give so freely of their time so that others may learn the skill of babywearing.  These are my people, my community, and we build that with memberships.  When you buy a membership, you say, “I am invested in this community. I am part of something bigger than just wearing my baby.” We appreciate that. We appreciate YOU.

Next, I want to talk about what your membership does NOT pay:

1. My vast blogging salary.
2. Any salaries for any volunteers, in that case.
3. Travel reimbursement for carting the library to the four corners of Central Texas once a month.
4. The childcare that our leaders pay for specifically so that their older children are not a distraction.
5. The $30 a year fee that our volunteers pay to be accredited with the national organization.

As you can see, this group is a true labor of love; but, we can’t do it alone.  We need your help and the help of 28 more members. So come join today!

See also, last year’s post on Why be a Member and this years post introducing our Sponsorship Program.



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