When Action Shots make me cry OR The #NoActionShot Post

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Love it or hate it, nothing shows off a carrier like an action shot. Keep your flat and stash shots, babywearers, there is NOTHING like a smiley baby snuggled up in a carrier… in action!

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I LOVE action shots so much that I researched how to take the best babywearing selfie and then wrote up a blog on it.  True Story.  I’ve hired/ bartered with/ begged professional photographers on many different occasions to take professional Actions Shots (and love them).  I also (strongly) encourage others to do it!


A SUPER Thank You to Cloverbud Photography for this incredible action shot of some of our leaders!


I love babywearing in itself, but the hunt for the perfect Action Shot… so much fun!

I’ll even go a step further and admit that before I go to sleep, I review the IG tag #babywearing and serial like babywearing action shots.  Let me start by saying… I am not a stalker.  I just like admiring pictures of stranger’s babies.  I knew that would come out wrong.

Let me try that again. When I see action shots, I feel like these strangers are kindred spirits.  There is a connection when you see these carriers in action.  Action shots turn simple pieces of cloth into magic hands-free hugs.
They turn two metal rings and a yard of fabric into the safety a toddler craves. Carriers turn screaming nap-strikers into sleeping beauties (20 extra points for baby drool.  I LOVE sleeping baby drool).

So you can imagine how thrilled I’ve been with my latest “Action Shots.”

Here is an “Action Shot” of my beloved Pavo Etini Coal


Our treasured “namesake” Tekhni?


Are you seeing the pattern here?

The “lucky” Artipoppe I won in a draw…


No wrap is safe from the the lack of “Action.”


Add to this “lack of action” the fact that my last baby is turning two in a week, and I’ve considered mild sedatives just to get through my Instagram feed!  To say that I’ve been crushed, is an understatement.

Cue all the ugly tears…

or not.

While debating which stiff drink will get me through this part of my life, I’ve had some clarity.  I am going to celebrate my #NoActionShot

DSC_0990You see, when I look at my Little Bit, I see an assured toddler.  One who is brave and secure.  She knows that IF she ever needs me, I am close by; but, she feels confident to go freely into the world and conquer it!

She doesn’t always need babywearing the way that she did in the past.  And that means that babywearing has done what I intended it to do for her.



Thank you, Babywearing.  You have given my Little Bit the attachment that is required for bravery..
(admittedly, sometimes too much bravery) and spiritedness (ditto). Babywearing has given me a climber, an explorer, a dancer and a fearless experiencer of LIFE! Simply put, it worked.

That doesn’t mean that our babywearing days are over.  Babywearing has come to the rescue for my five year-old in a big way before.  I know that babywearing will still be a part of lives for years to come, but I also know that embracing my #NoActionShot means that babywearing worked for us. Next time I take a carrier some where and it gets no action, I’m going to thank it for not being as necessary as it once was.  I plan on celebrating instead of lamenting.  Thank you, #NoActionShot for providing me the visual of a job well-done.

So, lets celebrate that our babies don’t constantly NEED this anymore (just sometimes) with some of my favorite #NoActionShot types…
The reverse apron…

The Walker…

The Hammock…

The Home Decor…

My personal favorite, The shopping Cart…
In the wine section… obvi.

And… whatever this is…

Just don’t expect me to sell all the carriers, yo!  I still LOVE a true Action Shot and I will take ’em where I can get ’em!! (Bonus points for baby drool and ridiculous hats!)

Join us! Celebrate your #noactionshot in gratitude for what babywearing has already done. We’ll be sharing lots on our IG feed, feel free to tag @bwiaustin

Did I miss your favorite NoActionShot type?  Leave it for us in the comments!

3 Comments for : When Action Shots make me cry OR The #NoActionShot Post
    • megan
    • May 13, 2015

    love this <3

    • Jennifer PM
    • May 13, 2015

    Totally awesome! Our ergos have languished for some time, but are about to get some action this summer hiking in MT. Mostly there will be the apron #noactionshot, but some tired/napping action mixed in.

    • Jes
    • April 3, 2017


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